For any question or remark, please contact our sales department.
Phone: +31 224 544 444

We will doourutmost toprovideall ourgoods of appropriatetechnical information. Also are we trying, as native Dutch speakers, to provide you with our best translations. However, ifyou believethat the matterneeds to be improved, let usknow.
Please, so we can apply these changes.


When required we candeliveraEN10204-3.1certificate with yourChroommoblydeentubes.
Pertubediameteracertificate is availableat the price of€ 24.95percertificate.If youwant to orderoneormore certificates,please contactour sales departmentafterplacing yourorder.
We will ensurethat all documents arematching thelot numbers atyour orderedtubes.


General terms
Here you will find our General terms & conditions.


You canreturn goodsprovided thatyou comply withthe following conditions.You can submit yourreturnusingourreturn form (download).

A. Goods not eligible for return
● Custom-made items
● Damaged goods or goods that have been assembled
● Goods whose packaging is damaged, dirty or missing
● Goods of which can not be proven to be supplied by Groot Techniek.

B. Term
The return goods will be processed by Groot Techniek, provided that the goods are sent back within 14 days after delivery.

C. Return products
1. Orders which are not executed as written agreement can be returned and credited,
without any costs, within 14 days after delivery
2. Wrongly ordered goods can be returned within 14 days after delivery date,
provided the point A specified conditions do not apply.
3. Once approved by Groot Techniek the goods must be within 14 days in its possession,
after which crediting will follow.