ENDUROTUBE GROUND Chrome molybdenum 25CrMo4 Tubes

These tubes were first grounded with grain 180 and then with grain 320

Ground tubes have the following advantages:
- Less sensitive to cracks
- Better weld ability
- Nice appearance
- Better bendability
- Better finish
- No more sanding before spraying

These tubes have the same mechanical values as our other 25CRMO4 tubes.

ENDUROTUBE GROUND 25CrMo4 +SR are seamless cold-drawn precision tube of alloy steel with high mechanical properties. Specially produced to our wishes and to the wishes of the high-quality car- and motorsport segment. 25CrMo4 is derived from its two most important alloying elements; Chromium (Cr) and Molybdenum (Mo) which act as reinforcing elements in comparison with mild carbon steel. Due to the excellent strength to weight ratio it is widely used in the racing and aviation industrie. Very easy to weld. The surface of ENDUROTUBE is ground, inside and outside free from scale and oiled. Each tube features a marking with: Dimension in mm, Certificate number, Heat Number and Article Number.

It is important to know that not all chrome molybdenum tubes are equally produced in the market. Over the years, we know from a number of factories that produce this material,  that they do not meet the high quality requirements that we and our customers demand.

On request we can provide all our 25CrMo4 tubes with an inspection certificate EN 10204-3.1.

Please pay attention! Currently it’s not possible to order tubes in our webshop due to unfavorable developments in the transport market. Since the tubes are fully on stock in our warehouse, our colleagues from the sales department will make a personal offer for you. We only sell these tubes per whole length. We can cut the tubes in pieces of 2 meters for a surcharge to save on transport costs. Please make your request at info@chassis parts or call (+31) 224 54 44 44.

Product Features
Dimensions-tolerances ID & OD: 40x2.0 mm +/- 0.15 mm | 45x2.5 mm +/- 0.20 mm | 50x2.0 mm +/- 0.20 mm
Steel Grade: 25CrMo4 / 1.7218
Delivery condition: +SR
Yield Strength (ReH): Min. 700 MPa
Tensile strength (Rm): 800 - 1000 MPa
Elongation (A5): Min. 15%

SKUØWall ThicknessGewichtPrice/MeterLengthPrice per whole tube
3913314040 mm2,0 mm1,9 kg/mtr€ 14,95
6 mtr€ 89,70
3913314345 mm2,5 mm2,62 kg/mtr€ 18,95
7 mtr€ 132,65
3913314650 mm2,0 mm2,37 kg/mtr€ 18,75
7 mtr€ 131,25